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Cushions for carom tables

In carom tables, different profiles are used as compared to the pool billiard due to the different ball sizes and the necessary properties of the cushion. Rubber cushions in carom are generally replaced much more frequently than it is necessary with pool tables, because it is a key element in carom games. Even if the rubber still looks in good order, a loss of elasticity is possible over time.

Cushions for snooker tables

For snooker tables, a so-called “L” profile is used for the cushion. This profile has, in contrast to the pool and carambole profiles, not a tip to the playing surface but a small area. In cross-section it is therefore L-shaped. This cushion for snooker tables is characterized by a very long service life. Additionally, the playing characteristics must be outstanding. For all rubber parts, it must be considered that they dry out over time. They become brittle and lose their elasticity. But until a cushion really must be replaced takes however usually very long. For carambole tables, a replacement is necessary approximately every 8 to 10 years. For pool and snooker tables, replacement can be done a few more years later depending on the using conditions.

How can you check if a cushion is still in good order?

Whether a cushion is still in good order or not you can easily check yourself. For this purpose, a ball is shot either with the hand or with the queue sharp against the cushion. In this sharp stroke, the ball should create about 4 lengths on the billiard table. The table size has almost no influence, since the ball energy is mainly removed at the band and not by rolling. The test of the cushion can also be carried out transversely to the table: Here the ball should move at least five horizontal panels before stopping if the cushion is still in good order. If the test fails, it does not necessarily mean that it has to be replaced. It can also have one of the following causes, but it must also be fixed.

Other causes of poor cushion properties

  • The screws of the belt frame are loosened so the cushion is not screwed tightly.
  • The cushion has released from the rail. This happens easily when people often sit on the billiard table. In this case the removal of the rail, new fixing and covering is necessary.
  • The connecting bar that fixes the cloth is no longer sufficient. So the cloth is loosely attached to the cushion and therefore killing partly the impact energy.

For more information, please contact your billiard dealer.

Knowledge about Billiard cushions

If a ball hits the cushion, it bounces back from it on the playing surface. No one thinks about it in particular. But what actually is in these rubber cushions, so that the balls go down well?

The answer is: